Matt McLeod | Client Results
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client results

This is the page you look at when you’re trying to determine if I’m full of shit or not.

Well, I’m not (at least about getting results ⏤ other things, probably).

Not only do I want you to bask in the amazingness of the hard work and dedication these people have put forth, but I also want you to understand, really understand, that you could be next.

You owe it to yourself to make the investment that could make you a healthier, happier, and hotter human being. Take a look, and if you’d like to discuss how I can help you make it on this page: check this out.

⏤ Matt

PS: contact information is available upon request for all clients listed (aka – if you think I’m making any of these testimonials up, you can ask them yourself).

⏤ Austin

Thanks for everything, man! Couldn’t have done it without you. If you’re looking for someone to help you on your fitness journey, whatever that may look like… can’t recommend Matt enough.

⏤ Toni

“I was hesitant to hire a coach.

I’ve dieted long term a few times before but only on an extreme level. I knew how to count and set macros. But I wanted the accountability.

I reached out to Matt merely for advice. I’ve known the kid (he’s younger than me—so I can call him kid) for years, watched him turn pro, graduate college, and ultimately start his own business. His email newsletter was one of the first I ever subscribed to in the fitness world. And those gave me something to read through during the many cardio sessions I endured in my bodybuilding preps.

Knowing his knowledge, RD credibility, and lack of IG booty pics, I knew working with him wouldn’t be a regret.

6 months and 25 pounds separate the girl on the left from the right [top and bottom]. But the mental gains and acceptance of striving for progress vs perfection are what I am most proud of.”

⏤ Raymond (but I call him RAY RAY)

[We’re still working together at the time of writing this]

“First things first, we ain’t done yet! Second, sometimes you just have to know when to ask for help and there is nothing wrong with that. Couldn’t have gotten to where I am currently without your help…but we still have work to do.”

⏤ Simone

“Last week was great, I finished at 168! I was technically 184 in the beginning of February, so I lost like 16 pounds! I can’t do a pull up yet, but I can do a couple tricep pushups! I’ve never been able to do those! I can’t wait to do more. Even though I had setbacks, I feel SO accomplished. Not just by dropping my weight, but because I have gained a good perspective on health & wellness. The last time I was this small, I starved myself to get there. This time, I did it right. My mental strength has GROWN. I am in control of my ship, I am the 😇 You helped me believe that even more with consistency, patience & hard work. Thank you Matt, for being an awesome coach.”

⏤ Laura

⏤ Andrew

“After training for several years and learning the ropes pretty much on my own, I had reached a point of no longer seeing the results that are often attributed to “newbie” gains. I found myself often changing my regimen and then questioning myself if I was even on the right track. After following Matt for a while, I decided to finally reach out to see if he could help. I definitely didn’t need someone to hold my hand, but I wanted someone to steer the ship. Working with Matt has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.”  

⏤ Johnna


⏤ Chris

“After 4 years of yo-yo dieting, trying to figure out the best routine, doing all the workouts on, I thought I knew it all and I was taking a shit ton of supplements. Found out discipline, consistency, and your workouts did it man. Thank you.


⏤ Wesley

“Matt’s vast knowledge on training and nutrition helped me put on a significant amount of lean tissue during my time with him as a coach. His philosophy on sustainability taught me strategies and techniques that helped me to incorporate fitness into my everyday life despite any challenges that may arise. This has had a positive impact on me both mentally and physically. I am more than happy with my results, and would recommend Matt to anyone looking to improve their physique and their life.”

⏤ Bryson


⏤ Paige

“When I started looking into getting a trainer, the first thing I had to justify was the cost and if it would be worth it. Now after working with Matt for six months, I don’t even miss the money going out of my bank account because he’s worth more than that! 

If you’ve listened to Matt’s podcast, The More Than Fitness Podcast, everything about Matt’s system is more than just workouts and training hard in the gym. It talks about mental and emotional health. Matt goes above and beyond for his clients because he truly cares. Not just about the visible transformations but the journey as a whole. 

Not only have I made huge gains with muscle and lost a lot of inches around my waist but I’ve had him in my corner in life. Throughout the 6 months with Matt, I’ve traveled throughout the US 4 times, left the country once, lost my grandmother, had an unexpected death in my wife’s family, celebrated my birthday, worked two jobs at once, Thanksgiving & Christmas. 

In my life, I’ve always been an all or nothing type of person. If I couldn’t be perfect in the gym and with my eating at all times, I would give up altogether. I’ve learned how to life a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life and it’s curveballs all at the same time. Matt knows his shit and backs it up with research and his degrees. If you are looking to make gains, learn about how to add fitness into what fits your life & to have a badass pushing you in your corner. I would 100% recommend my dude!”