Give Me 60 Minutes and I’ll Show You How to Build A Badass Body You’re Proud Of, Double Your Results With Half the Work, and Put Your Fitness On Autopilot

Especially If You Work Long Hours And Don’t Have Any Time…

Hey, I’m Matt: a nationally accredited Registered Dietitian, online personal trainer, and creator. I’ve coached hundreds of men and women to live an amazing life, and look good doing it.

“I’m scared that my bad habits now are going to turn into lifelong bad habits. And it’s not realistic for me to work out 5-6 days per week for an hour and a half any more.”

That’s Austin, 28 years old.

This was taken from a survey I sent out a few months ago that revealed the real shit people were going through in their everyday lives.

He wrote about how he’s gone from an all-or-nothing gym rat to a guy who still wants to be muscular and fit — but whose life priorities have changed. He’s stuck and feels like he’s spinning his wheels.

“I feel my best when I work out,” he writes, “but I don’t have the time or desire to train like I used to.”

That’s understandable. He’s no longer a 20-year-old kid with a wide-open schedule whose only worry is whether or not he’s eating enough protein.

Instead, Austin’s got new, real-life responsibilities. Now, he’s:

  • Trying to get to sleep earlier
  • Focusing on building his career
  • Traveling more for work or leisure
  • Spending more time on his relationships
  • Having kids (or thinking about having kids)
  • Working on other hobbies and side-projects

But despite the busy schedule and new priorities, Austin still needs to—wants to—keep his ass in shape.

The only question is: how?

Of course, Austin still loves to work out.

He knows the joy of wrapping his hands around a barbell and feeling like it’s both a friend to embrace and an enemy to conquer. He knows the sound of metal sliding on top of metal. He knows that water tastes a hundred times better after a hard set of squats.

He still wants to look, feel, and perform better than the average guy.

But like a lot of people I’ve heard from recently — especially 25-40 year-old’s who used to love going to the gym — they need to find a middle ground. Their “all or nothing” mentality that helped them build muscle and unleash the beast a few years ago is now holding them back.

Lately Austin’s been getting into the gym maybe three or four times per week. (He’s not following a program, just making it up as he goes.) He bought some bands to use when he travels. He tries to track his macros and calories, at least until Friday hits.

But mostly he’s being hard on himself: “I know I can do better than what I’m doing right now,” he wrote.

I understand where he’s coming from. I’ve been going through the same thing in the past few years. Eventually, I found that middle ground where I had to balance my health and fitness with my other priorities.

But the things I needed to make that transition weren’t obvious. It turned out that I needed other people — coaches, mentors, fitness-industry friends, insiders — to help guide me to a sustainable way of training and eating.

If you’re someone who’s ambitious like Austin, and like me, this may be hard to accept. We like to figure out problems on our own. We know enough, right? All we have to do is just… do it!

But that’s just it: we’re not doing it. Because it seems like it’s only a matter of “buckling down.” If we would just __________, THEN we’d see real results.

Like you, I thought the answer was more discipline and stronger willpower. I just needed to try harder.

Man, was I wrong.

Here’s something else Austin wrote to me in the survey:

“I feel like I need a different set of skills I haven’t learned yet.”

He’s right. There are new skills he must learn. And he likely won’t learn them in the gym, in the pages of Men’s Health magazine, or through random internet and Instagram searches.

Hell, the only reason I learned these new skills is because of my career-path.

Not only did I go through the “fitness junkie” transition myself, I’ve also been fortunate enough to:

→ Finish top of my class at university and earn my Registered Dietitian credential.

→ Help hundreds of people change their bodies (D-1 athletes, single moms, weekend warriors, CEOs — I’ve worked with them all).

→ Surround myself with ridiculously smart fitness and nutrition experts for the past 8+ years — and learn what they really do “behind the scenes.”

In NYC with John Romaniello, Amanda Bucci, Mike Vacanti, and Jordan Syatt.

Here’s the truth: The number one reason most people struggle to stay in shape once “real life” happens is because they never learned to “automate” their fitness, put their healthy habits on autopilot, and eliminate unhealthy habits forever.

(And the reason they never learn is because nobody teaches them how.)

So they try to do the same things they used to do — the same workouts, the same nutrition plans, the same everything — even though their lives have changed dramatically.

And it almost never works.

Maybe you’re in the same boat as Austin right now. Maybe you’re:


Tired of comparing your increasingly weaker, skinnier, slightly-pudgier body to influencers on Instagram — especially when you used to feel way more muscular and built. (I’ve been there, too.)


Lacking structure, clarity, and concrete goals in your diet and exercise plans — especially now that you have other priorities and important things to do.


Feeling like it’s time to take your body to the next level — but are unwilling to dedicate your life to the gym and food scale like you used to.

If so, I get it.

And I’m happy to say I’ve been working on something you may find interesting.

Specifically, I want to teach you the essential skills required to live life on YOUR terms, and look good doing it — without needing to be a fitness junkie who spends hours in the gym and tracks every calorie.

I’d like to teach you the most important and practical things I’ve learned about training, nutrition, mindset and more — all in the context of your busy, everyday life.


Automated Fitness 2.0

An Insider’s Guide To Putting Your Fitness on Autopilot, Building Healthy Habits That Work For You, and Making Failure Impossible. 

Automated Fitness is a 60-minute pre-recorded digital workshop by ME — delivered completely online — that you can enjoy at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want.

My promise to you is this:

Give me 60 minutes and I’ll show you how to effortlessly stay on track with your fitness goals and build a body you’re proud of — even if you hate dieting or work long hours at a high stress job.

Before I give you the link to check it out, I want to quickly cover a few important questions:

Who is Automated Fitness for?

This is for you if you want to:


Delete My Fitness Pal and never think about food again.

Nobody wants to be a slave to their macros or viewed as “uptight” or “strict” with their diet. With my methods, you can forget about feeling guilty about Sunday Brunch, Thursday drinks with friends, or getting popcorn at the movies. Living a healthy lifestyle will become your new “normal” and just feel like second nature.


Gain the freedom to achieve everything you want in life, and look good doing it.

Every time you step into the gym, you’re going to know exactly what you need to focus on. Then, when you leave, you’ll feel immense satisfaction knowing you made every rep count. And since you’re building a badass body without living in the gym, you can spend the extra time picking up new hobbies, spending time with family, or maybe just taking a nap.


Discover the secrets of fitness pros and switch your diet and exercise on autopilot.

Despite what you’ve heard, you don’t need more discipline or willpower to reach your goals, you just need to steal from the best. Something that fitness pros do without even realizing it is they optimize their food environment. The specific foods they buy (or don’t buy), the layout of their kitchen, how their fridge and food cabinets are organized, the strategic use of “triggers” to follow through with healthy habits and break unhealthy ones ⏤ these are all tactics that can be implemented immediately, making discipline not required.

Who IS IT NOT for?

This is not for you if you want to:


You’re a beginner who is just starting to work out consistently.

This workshop is for people who can identify as “former fitness junkies”. Basically, if you’ve never had a period in your life where you trained your ass off, ate an insane amount of protein, or walked by department store windows while flexing your triceps, then this isn’t for you.


You’re looking for your next 12-week “Blast Your Biceps” super-program.

The Automated Fitness workshop will cover practical strategies on incorporating fitness into a busy life and will ask you to do some homework in order to help you figure out your best approach to health and fitness moving forward. In short, it will make you use your brain — but it won’t give you 23-inch guns.


You’re looking to gain lots of muscle, lose lots of fat, and become a fancy-schmancy athlete at pretty much any cost.

Again, this is for people who used to work out all the time, understand the basics, and had a decent level of success…but who are having trouble sticking to their healthy habits, especially now that they’ve got other real-life stuff to deal with. If you’re looking to become the next Spartan-Race, Crossfit, or bodybuilding champion, then this isn’t for you.

What will you learn?

Here are just a few things you’ll receive in Automated Fitness:


Secrets of the Pros

What do the pros know that you don’t? And what habits, routines, and tactics can we steal from them to get the highest ROI?


Fitness Essentialism for Busy People

Learn how to maximize results with minimal effort — especially if you have an unpredictable schedule and other important shit to do.


Never Fail Again With “Fitness Dials”

Gain clarity on how to stay on track with your goals and eliminate the “all-or-nothing” mentality, even when life gets hard. 


How to Optimize Your Food Environment

How to make your diet effortless and delete My Fitness Pal forever.


FREE BONUS: My One-Of-A-Kind “Choose Your Own Adventure” Workout Plan

this is your Swiss Army knife for getting in a quick and effective workout anywhere (hotel, living room, outdoors, etc.), with minimal to no equipment – it includes a dumbbell only full body workout, a conditioning workout for fat loss, a bodyweight only workout circuit, and 5-10 minute “Micro-Workouts” that can be sprinkled throughout your day.


FREE BONUS: Week-By-Week Action Plan

Knowledge without implementation is useless, so I’ve included this to make sure you take action immediately with no confusion on where to start.

Leah was excited to implement what I teach in Automated Fitness right away:

Why Listen To Me Specifically?

I’m not a random Instagram coach who’s good at marketing ⏤ I’m a health and fitness professional (who you can enjoy a beer with):


I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a 4-year nutrition degree (with honors)


I completed 1400+ hours of supervised practice and passed the national Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) Exam to become a Registered Dietitian


I've personally coached hundreds of men and women (from ages 18-57) 1-on-1 to gain muscle, lose fat, and live the life they want


I earned my pro card as a drug-free, natural bodybuilder


I've learned from the top fitness professionals in the field and consider many of them friends


I'm also just a guy in his late twenties, who loves looking and feeling better than the average person ⏤ without living in the gym.

How much does it cost?

When I coach 1:1 fitness clients, it’s about $300/month. When helping other fitness coaches with their business, I charge upward of $2,500+ to work with me directly for 6 months.

But Automated Fitness is available for only $47 bucks. That’s about the price for a steak dinner for one and a glass of wine.

And if you buy it and think I suck and don’t find it at all helpful? Just shoot me an email, and I’ll give you your $47 bucks back. No problem.

Here, I’ll even throw in a fancy graphic to make my point:

Now it’s all official and shit.

Is this just for guys?

Not at all. It’s for anyone who can identify as a “former fitness junkie” who wants to work out less, build a body they’re proud of, and find a healthy, manageable way of getting back on track and keeping fitness a cornerstone of their life.

In other words, women flex their biceps, too, and are welcome to join.

Here’s what Mary had to say about Automated Fitness:


All right, will you just give me the damn link so I can check it out?

Sure. Remember what I said above:

Give me 60 minutes and I’ll show you how to effortlessly stay on track with your fitness goals and build a body you’re proud of — even if you hate dieting or work long hours at a high stress job.

If your life priorities have shifted in the past few years and you find that you don’t have time or motivation to hit the gym like you used to — and that bothers the hell out of you — then I know you’ll get a lot out of this workshop.

“Automated Fitness made me realize that I couldn’t approach my fitness goals the same way that I had in the past…” ⏤ David, age 30


This goes against every “marketing rule” in the book, but here’s the truth: I didn’t make Automated Fitness for you.

I made it for me.

I’ve been refining these skills and principles for years, but I wanted to create something to serve as a reminder for when I felt “lost” and overwhelmed.

So instead of having anxiety over the latest “cutting-edge” fitness craze that I’m not doing, I’m relentlessly executing on the basics ⏤ the basics that have stood the test of time and have plenty of scientific evidence to support them.

You know, the shit that actually works.

I don’t want to just get more things done, I want to get the right things done, and Automated Fitness highlights exactly how to do that.

There’s a better way ⏤ you just have to let me show you.

See you on the other side.