This may hurt some feelings, but…

I’d bet I listen to at least 50 hours of podcasts per month, yet a small percentage are fitness focused.

  • ~20 of those 50 hours are aimed towards learning something new.
  • ~25 hours are for pure entertainment and comedy podcasts.
  • The five remaining hours, in a good month, are dedicated to fitness podcasts.

My reasoning: Most fitness podcasts are booorrring. 

They’re either too scripted and stiff, or too random and lacking value. Most of the interviews are repetitive and could be a simple bullet-point blog post (or even a tweet). And too many episodes involve a circle-jerk over who can cite the most studies, or crack the most lame jokes, neither of which actually help anybody listening.

So, instead of just complaining, I wanted to be a part of the solution⏤to create a podcast that transcended the bro talk about bigger biceps, or about yet another study that confirms the host’s bias.

I wanted to create the podcast I was dying to listen to, and so I did… I called it The More Than Fitness Podcast.

In short: The More Than Fitness Podcast is about bridging the gap between being in the best shape of your life and still having a life – where I interview some of the smartest minds in fitness, business, and self-development on how to maximize our time in and out of the gym. At its very essence, it’s simply described as the backbone of what connects us all: a conversation.

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