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What you’ll find here:

  • Fitness advice to enhance your life, not be your life.
  • How to be happy, smart, and useful to others. 
  • Musings to conquer your inner bitch.
  • Ideas for living a good life.
  • A devilishly handsome fella from Kentucky trying to charm his way into being your friend. 

Let’s change your life together. You in?

What I want for you…

LESS: confusion, overwhelm, feeling fed up from lack of results (despite your efforts)
MORE: clarity, direction, confidence, self-trust, and happiness

Put simply—I want to show you how to lead an incredible life, and look good doing it.

To learn more about my personalized 1-on-1 coaching program or my Automated Fitness workshop, all you need to do is click a pretty box below that seems like a right fit, and I’ll take it from there. See you on the other side.


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“Not only have I made huge gains with muscle and lost a lot of inches around my waist but I’ve had him in my corner in life.”

-Paige H.

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“Your workshop opened my eyes in the sense that I can workout and feel good without spending hours in the gym and tracking every gram.”

-Lindsey S.

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-Enjoy more freedom and have more fun: so you can stop drowning in self-concern and finally escape the never-ending war in your head.

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