[One Hitter #001] The Domino Effect: How to Begin Again


Fun thought experiment: imagine you have a row of dominoes set up on a table in front of you. Maybe like, 50 total dominoes, organized about a half-inch apart.

And now, topple over the first one.

The rest of the dominoes follow suit, making it look like one continuous event⏤a wave passing across the table. But this is just an illusion. There are 50 individual events happening so close to one another, in such rapid succession, that to the eye, it appears as one continuous event.

This is how our mind works.

We have a single experience, then another, then another—but they happen so fast, we start to believe that each of these moments is connected to the next. Like the dominoes, our thoughts actually do resemble a single, unified cascade. It appears that each moment of experience is necessarily connected to the next.

Think about how this plays out in real life: one cheat meal turns into a cheat day. One missed workout turns into a week of missed workouts. A rude comment ruins our whole day. “God, I ALWAYS do this. I just can’t ever [insert label].”

But it doesn’t have to be like this. We don’t need to wait until tomorrow, or Monday for a fresh start. Every moment IS that fresh start.

Every moment is a new opportunity for us to begin again.

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