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Give Me 90 Days to Show You How To Build A Badass Body and Put Your Fitness On Autopilot ⏤ All While Living Life On Your Terms

Even if you hate dieting or work long hours at a high-stress job

Me freshman year in high school (with a sweet haircut) on the left - Me senior year in college (in the campus gym bathroom) on right.

I want you happy. Period.

Physically and mentally happy with your body when you look in the mirror every morning is what I want for you.

Whether this means you want six pack abs and a jacked upper body when you take your shirt off at the pool, or if you want sculpted legs and a lifted butt that’ll turn heads at the beach…

I got you.

Guiding you every step of the way to your dream body.

I’m Matt McLeod: fitness coach, Registered Dietitian, Drug-tested pro bodybuilder, and Joe Rogan podcast fanatic. 

Since you’ve landed on this page, that means 1 or 2 things:

1. You think I’m super handsome and wanna see more.

2. You’re at least slightly interested in my work and what I have to offer you.

Well since #1 is essentially a foregone conclusion, let’s go ahead and jump to #2.

I’ve been doing this whole weight lifting thing for almost a decade now and I can’t tell you how many mistakes I’ve made along the way.

Thinking I need to be *hardcore* and eat out of Tupperware 6 times a day to gain muscle and lose fat…

Convincing myself if I just go to the gym 5 times a week and work really hard, the results will follow…

And just simply not being consistent enough for results, because I thought I could do it all by myself.

To be honest, the list of mistakes are endless and gets pretty embarrassing, so let’s shift the focus back to you.

What's the real reason you aren't seeing results?

Why don’t we ask the other people who came here looking for help, just like you’re doing right now.

It’ll be kinda meta and cool, so let’s do it.

Ask My First Client Ever, Wesley, Who Packed On 12 Pounds Of LEAN Muscle Mass Over A 6-month Period.

“Matt’s vast knowledge on training and nutrition helped me put on a significant amount of lean tissue during my time with him as a coach. His philosophy on sustainability taught me strategies and techniques that helped me to incorporate fitness into my everyday life despite any challenges that may arise. This has had a positive impact on me both mentally and physically. I am more than happy with my results, and would recommend Matt to anyone looking to improve their physique and their life.” – Wesley

Isn’t he nice?

See, after working together with Wesley, I knew I was hooked to this whole coaching thing.

I was hooked because it was a team effort; we brainstormed through obstacles and figured out ways to allow him to be a normal college kid while still reaching his fitness goals.

It was fun to solve problems together.

And seeing as how I’ve played team sports since I was a little kid, it was a proud moment for me to be on the opposite side as a coach and mentor.

Most importantly, I was ecstatic to pass along my knowledge to Wesley to use fitness to *enhance* his life, and not *be* his life.

Because that’s what this coaching program is all about.

It’s why I’m pumped you’re here. Seriously, we’re bonding already and I’d love to take it to the next level by working together.

But the thing is: I don’t want you to need me forever.

I want you to join my team⏤The Tribe of Badassery⏤ and learn from me, make an extraordinary transformation, and then finally be able to keep the body of your dreams for the rest of your life based on what we learned, together.

“But Matt, listen dude, I don’t think I’m ready to commit to something this serious just yet…”

The thing is, we’re never ready.

And it’s funny because my client Laura said the exact same thing (minus the “dude” part) before we got started together.

She started with a 6-month commitment and wanted to drop it down to a 3-month commitment instead (my minimum).

I told her no problem at all, because I knew her results were gonna blow her face off and well…

…she ended up being my longest client ever, clocking in at almost 2 years of working together.

She initially came to me because she wanted to become more goal-oriented in the gym with her workouts and gain control over her poor eating habits.

She was jumping from program-to-program and was feeling guilty about constantly overeating when out with friends or when she simply had a bad day.

And since I’ve studied this in University, had thousands of hours of experience, and worked with hundreds of clients just like her⏤I knew I could help her out.

I am most proud of Laura for her mental wins, but her physical wins are no less impressive.

Just a few weeks ago, she sent me this email that made me smile ear-to-ear:

Laura Gained Lean Muscle Mass, Lost 7 Pounds of Fat, & Fixed Her Negative Relationship With Food in less than 6 months

“I don’t know, I just like food too much. And what about my bourbon, or wine, or fun? I still want a life!”

No worries, we have fun here. In fact, I’m sipping some Blanton’s Kentucky Whiskey as I type this up.

One of the first messages I tell all my clients:

“I am not your dad. You can do whatever the fuck you want. You’re the captain of the boat and I’m the little guy at the top looking for land, guiding us in the right direction. Your rate of progress and how much of your life you’re willing to sacrifice is ultimately up to you.”

Plain and simple.

Wanna drink? No problem. We can make it work. 

I’ll tell you exactly what to eat and when to eat it so we can fit in some drinks for you to enjoy your weekend. 

Chris made this happen Despite Drinking most Weekends And Dealing With A Bad Shoulder

In his words: “After 4 years of yo-yo dieting, trying to figure out the best routine, doing all the workouts on, I thought I knew it all and I was taking a shit ton of supplements. Found out discipline, consistency, and your workouts did it man. Thank you.

"Okay, those are great and all, but I just don't have the time or money right now."

Trust me, I get it. I really do.

But here’s the thing: compared to in-person personal training, Online Training is a ridiculous bargain.

In-person personal training usually runs upwards of $1000-1500/month.

By working with me, you can enjoy all the benefits (and more) of in-person training⏤without ever having somebody follow you around a crowded gym and count your reps⏤for a QUARTER of that price.

And time?

How do you think I make your workout plans? Just out of thin air?

There is no guesswork. Your plan is extremely specific to your needs so you can get in the gym, follow exactly what I have programmed for you, and get out.

Whether you wanna be in the gym 3 days a week or 6 days a week, we can make it happen.

Bryson Did Exactly What I Said And Got These Results In Only 8 Weeks Time

Listen, these past few years have been the busiest years of my life, so I totally get how hard it can be to regularly make it to the gym and eat healthy.

But this forced me to learn how to do less, but better.

I had to learn how to be effective AND efficient.

This meant “fitness essentialism” and doing only what was necessary to get the maximum results possible. 

This doesn’t mean it was boring and repetitive. It also wasn’t intense Crossfit-style workouts. Quite the contrary. 

I was putting in the JUST RIGHT amount of work, and still seeing progress.

And progress, my friend, is anything but boring.

Implementing the strategies I discovered during this time is exactly what I want to use with YOU so you can optimize your body and health, instead of just “trying harder.” 

"Okay, okay, I want this 'online coaching' thing. But what exactly do I get?"

1. 100% ACCESS TO ME

Most importantly: you get ME.

When I’m your coach, you’ve got me in your pocket all day every day. I’m not going to be hounding you 24/7 and installing spyware on your phone to make sure you’re hitting the gym. But I will check in with you and see what kind of support you need. We’ll have scheduled check-ins for updates, but you’ll be able to text, call, email, or send a raven whenever you need something. Think of me like 7/11: I’m not always doin’ business, but I’m always open.


To make sure you aren’t freaking out over what you should do first, you’ll get your clear and concise “Getting Started” Materials that I provide for all my clients ⏤ Client Handbook, Grocery List, Daily Client Checklist, etc. ⏤ within 24 hours. I provide this education ASAP so you have absolutely no doubts on what you need to be doing from day 1 to be one step closer to your goals.


I created The Client Handbook as my nifty little add-on to show you exactly how to get the best results from this coaching experience

It includes:

✅ The 4 Keys to Success for my training and nutrition philosophies

✅ Prehab/rehab/mobility and warm-up examples so you stay safe and enjoy your workouts pain-free (or rehab older nagging pains)

✅ How to easily track your food and weight so we don’t waste any time together

✅ My best tips on managing alcohol intake, stress, and sleep so they don’t interfere with your progress.

✅ Detailed templates of FULL days of eating for both fat loss and muscle building.


I’ll also drop over a Client Analysis form that allows me to individualize your plan as much as possible so I can expedite your progess, and also making sure you have fun throughout this entire experience.


Your training plans are progressive and build upon each other, so there is a method to the madness. Wanna focus on your arms this next 4-8 weeks? Awesome. Wanna focus on getting 5-10 full pull-ups (or your first one ever)? Great. Don’t know how to perform an exercise? No problem, I have tutorial links for every exercise I prescribe. REMEMBER: You point the direction and I will guide the ship. I also send out a Program Feedback form at the end of your first month to see what you liked or didn’t like, because, again, I wanna make sure you ENJOY these programs.

Just a sneak peek behind the scenes of one program.


For nutrition, most coaches fit their clients to their coaching methods as opposed to what they SHOULD do: fit their methods to their clients. Diet strategies are all just a means to an end, and that end is your goal. Intermittent fasting? Vegan? Keto? IIFYM? As long as you enjoy what you’re eating every day, it promotes a healthy lifestyle, and you’re seeing bomb-ass results ⏤ I think any of these diets can work. And with a bit of teamwork, we will figure out which one is best for you.


Icing on the cake: I’ll give you some supplement rec’s to fill in the gaps of your training and nutrition plans (to help increase power, improve sleep, sex drive, overall health/well-being, whatever you can think of), if needed.


[NEW] You’ll gain access to the Tribe of Badassery, aka an exclusive Instagram page for all my clients where I provide content that I don’t post anywhere else.


I don’t have to say much for this one because I let my clients do the talking (re-read above). And like I said before, I can’t guarantee you’re going to get results just by working with me. But if you work with me AND put in the effort, the chances of reaching your goals go from buying a lottery ticket to working with Warren Buffet.


Look, it’s my job to make you happy. And the only way we can do that is if you trust me. So, of course I’m aware this is a service, but my clients are more than that to me ⏤ they’re genuine friends who I’d enjoy getting a beer with, despite ever working together. In fact, this happens from time to time (see pic).

I require a 3-month minimum for my coaching program, but the vast majority of my clients work with me for 6+ months. I have a higher client retention rate than most coaches because I focus on actually connecting with my clients.

Bottom line: I’m capping my roster at 30 clients because I genuinely want to support every single one of them the best I can. And I’d love for you to join.

If you’re close by, hit me up and we’ll get a workout in like me and Charlie here.

Finally, once we get all the boring transactional stuff taken care of, I’ll have your training and nutrition plans ready to go in a week’s time.

One Last Thing...

Okay, but seriously. I’m not trying to pressure you like some frat dude at a kegger who doesn’t realize he’s about to get a lawsuit against him.

I’m just SAYING that you should take a minute and ask yourself: how much progress have you made in the last 4 months?

Now. How much would you like to make in the next 4?

If those two things don’t match up, well, maybe what you’re doing’s not working. Maybe it’s time to try something different. Maybe it’s time to realize that you might not be able to make the progress you want without a little accountability, expertise, and skin in the game.

Or, maybe you like spinning your wheels and being frustrated.

What the fuck do I know? I only do this for a living.

Again: online coaching isn’t for everyone. If you’re a total beginner, I’d much rather you spend some time in the gym with a coach who can physically show you how the correct form you need and push you a bit. That’s the safest way.

And even if you’re not a beginner, it’s possible that online coaching might not be right for you. Maybe you need someone to stand there and count reps and ask you about your weekend.

It’s even possible that online coaching is exactly what you need—but that we’re not a good fit. Like, maybe you hate puppies and think The Office was the worst show on tv. If that’s the case, I’m sorry, but this just ain’t gonna work out.


On the other hand.

It’s entirely possible I’m the perfect coach for you, and can help you do exactly what you want.

Let’s figure that out together.

Apply below, and we’ll be able to chat and see if you’re a good fit.

And if it turns out we’ll get along like Brian and Stewie Griffin and I’ve got room on the roster, we’ll make some magic happen.

Fill out this app, and get ready to start taking gratuitious selfies.