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Life Advice From Jonah Hill

Actor Jonah Hill was recently interviewed by GQ and shared some absolute gems of wisdom. This is what I learned.

6 Things I’ve Changed My Mind About Recently

I see changing my mind as a strength, not a weakness. Here are six things⏤from Bitcoin to melatonin⏤that I’ve switched my position on recently.

“Stealth Dieting”: A Guide to Navigating Social Situations Guilt-Free

This is my secret guide to discretely stay on track with your fitness goals without limiting your fun in social situations.

2 Underrated Methods To Lose More Fat With Less Hassle

There’s no need to complicate fat loss. Ditch the tactics⏤these two underrated methods will help you reach your goals in half the time.

The Perfect Day

Have you ever thought about what your day would look like if everything went perfectly? You checked all the...

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