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Why “Getting Through” Life Is Keeping Us Unhappy & Unhealthy

I’m in a rush to get through this description, so I don’t have time to write something useful.

Learning More Information Isn’t Your Answer

Reading books, listening to podcasts, and learning new information feels good. But does it help us actually solve our problems?

Life Advice From Jonah Hill

Actor Jonah Hill was recently interviewed by GQ and shared some absolute gems of wisdom. This is what I learned.

6 Things I’ve Changed My Mind About Recently

I see changing my mind as a strength, not a weakness. Here are six things⏤from Bitcoin to melatonin⏤that I’ve switched my position on recently.

Life Advice From Jonah Hill

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The Perfect Day

Have you ever thought about what your day would look like if everything went perfectly? You checked all the...

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