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4 Ways to Guarantee You’re Losing Fat, Not Muscle

Because weight loss isn’t the goal. We’re specifically aiming to lose fat, build muscle, and live a healthy lifestyle on our own terms.

My Dead-simple Approach to Healthy Eating

The four daily targets that will make eating better much easier for you.

4 Ways to Make Your Fitness Plan Easier When Life Gets Harder

Getting in-shape while dealing with the messiness of life is a skill. It can be learned. In this article, I teach you how.

20 Slightly Ridiculous But Helpful Nutrition Hacks

A culmination of tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that I’ve found helpful for myself and clients.

Us vs Them

Knowing who you don't want to be is just as important as knowing who you do want to be. ​ Them: Puts...

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