Us vs Them


Knowing who you don’t want to be is just as important as knowing who you do want to be.

Them: Puts fitness first, life second.

Us: Puts life first, fitness second (or third, fourth, etc.).

Them: Uses their fitness or body as their identity.

Us: Proud of the body we’ve built/are building, but know there’s way more to us than looks.

Them: Announces they’ve stopped eating carbs for this new diet they’re on.

Us: Sips wine and grabs another piece of warm bread.

Them: Ego lifts and struts around with ILS (Invisible Lat Syndrome).

Us: Lifts with intention and considerate towards others in the gym.

Them: Obsesses over the outcome and chasing the next thing.

Us: Prioritizes daily habits and process goals, knowing “enough” will never arrive.

Them: Complains.

Us: Acts.

Them: Constantly looking for dopamine hits and unaware of it.

Us: Understands our attention shortcomings, and actively working to improve it.

Them: Lives a “shallow” life of constant gossip, distraction, and doomscrolling the news.

Us: Strives for a “deep” life of meaningful work, intentional leisure, and lifelong relationships.

Them: Has strong convictions around things they don’t understand.

Us: Stands up for what we believe in, but remain open-minded.

Them: Keeps up with the Jones’s and seeks approval.

Us: Ignores the “supposed to’s” in life and lives in-line with our values.

Them: Over-promises, under-delivers.

Us: Under-promises, over-delivers.

Them: Always tries to prove they’re the smartest in the room.

Us: Stays humble, curious, and eager to learn.

Them: Has a scarcity mindset around time and money, thinking they’re “unlucky.”

Us: Has an abundance mindset, creating our own luck.

Them: Blames others, society, or anyone besides themselves.

Us: Takes ownership.

Them: “I can’t believe I did that.”

Us: “I can’t believe I did that. But I’m happy I did.”

Them: Rambles.

Us: Listens.

Them: Says they’re “just so busy.”

Us: Actively makes time for deepening relationships.

Them: Takes things way too seriously and are guaranteed to be stressed out.

Us: Chuckles at ourselves daily, and understands stress is a prerequisite to a life worth living.

Them: Repeatedly breaks their word.

Us: Keeps promises (to themselves and others).

Them: Gets by.

Us: Thrives.

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