Build a body you’re proud of, gain control over your health, and feel your best ever ⏤ without giving up your favorite parts of life.

A realistic, simple, and results-driven online coaching program designed by a Registered Dietitian to be the last one you’ll ever need.

Hey, Matt here.

I appreciate your interest in working with me ⏤ seriously, flattered.

And I look forward to potentially helping out!

On this page you should find the answer to the majority of your questions to see if we’re a fit. But if not, feel free to email me or shoot me a DM on Instagram.

You’ll also see pretty green buttons throughout this page that take you to a short coaching application form. If you’re interested in applying to work with me, just click that button, fill out the questions, and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

Hope to see you on the other side.

Sections ahead:

  • What I want for you
  • Why you should work with me
  • Who my coaching is for
  • What you get when you sign up
  • How the coaching experience looks
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Coaching testimonials

This is what I want for you:

  • Physical Wealth: less fat, more muscle, re-vitalized energy, increased lifespan, and impeccable health markers.
  • Mental Wealth: a foundational understanding on how to eat and workout for your goals, a healthy relationship with your food and body, less brain fog and more focus, genuine self-confidence, and overall balance.
  • “Deep” Health: this starts as a superficial fat loss goal, but ends with you thriving in all dimensions of health beyond just eating healthy and exercising regularly. This is how your fitness affects how you think, feel, live, and connect to others.
  • Self-trust: when you believe in yourself, not only will your body improve, but so will your career, relationships, and life as a whole. You build self-trust by keeping the promises you make to yourself ⏤ we’ll start with your fitness goals.
  • Long-term Results: progress doesn’t matter unless you keep it for life. I know our time together has been successful when you tell me “I don’t need your help anymore.”

Believe it or not, I’m a health and fitness professional ⏤ not just a random Instagram coach who’s good at marketing.

☑️ I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a 4-year nutrition degree (with honors)

☑️ I completed 1400+ hours of supervised nutritional practice and passed the national Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) Exam to become a Registered Dietitian

☑️ I’ve personally coached 320+ men and women (from ages 18-57) 1-on-1 to gain muscle, lose fat, and live the life they want

☑️ I earned my pro card as a drug-free, natural bodybuilder in 2016

☑️ I’ve learned from the top fitness professionals in the field and consider many of them close friends

☑️ I live the “Responsible Delinquent” lifestyle every day, where I balance fitness, fulfillment, and shenanigans

If you’re here, you probably know more than most, but you need someone to guide you to the finish line.

My Coaching Is Right For You If…

→ Fat loss, muscle gain, and creating a healthy lifestyle are your main goals.

You’re ready to lose at least 10.6 lb of body fat (this is the average of the last 94 clients who’ve worked with me) in 12+ weeks⏤without sacrificing your life to fitness, starving yourself, or ditching date nights.

→ You have at least 1 year of workout experience in a gym.

My online coaching program is not for complete beginners, but you also don’t have to be a crazy obsessed gym rat. Your safety is just my #1 priority, so I need to make sure you have enough experience to not hurt yourself while performing exercises without supervision. Also, I work with both men and women typically around the ages 25-50.

→ You want to outsource your fitness to an expert, so you can thrive elsewhere.

You’re a busy professional who loves to excel in all parts of life, but you don’t have the time or energy to crack the code on handling your fitness. My program tends to be perfect for (but not limited to) those in leadership positions ⏤ CEO’s, supervisors, directors, managers, etc.

→ You know what you’re capable of, and love to better yourself, but haven’t found a fitness solution that fits your lifestyle and goals.​

You’re fed up with quick fixes and empty promises on how to get in shape. You want an approach that’s designed by a professional, safe, and proven to get you leaner, but still be healthy and sustainable long-term.

→ You regularly have to navigate your fitness plan around work lunches/dinners, travel, family, or your social life.

You want to feel confident cooking meals that you (or your kids, partner, etc.) enjoy eating, but also match your goals. You want to learn to stay consistent on the go, sometimes in unpredictable environments. And you don’t want to give up your social life or feel “uptight” around your friends/co-workers.

​→ You’re craving structure and clarity with your diet and exercise regimen.

You want to know exactly what you need to do every time you step in the gym or plan your daily meals, so you can just zone out and do the work.

​→ You’re ready to make this time different and invest in your health.

You’re serious about making a change and ready to follow through on your fitness goals. Maybe your bad habits are catching up to you, and don’t want those to turn into lifelong bad habits. Because you’re not only doing this for yourself, but for those that you love (and who potentially look up to you as a role model).

What You Get When You Sign Up…

1. 100% Access to Me 

  • You’ll check-in with me via email at least once per week for our scheduled weekly updates

  • You get ME. Not my assistant, team, or anyone else.

  • You’re always an email, text, DM, or phone call away from me. I know how important it is to know someone has your back when you’re confused, anxious, or worried.

2. Custom Workouts Delivered Every 4 Weeks 

  • My workout plans come in 4-week “phases” that build upon each other, ensuring monthly progress. One phase may be more muscle building focused, one may be more fat loss focused, and another may be more metabolite (high reps/light weight) focused; whatever aligns most with our current goals for you.

  • Each workout plan is tailored to your schedule and preferences⏤more direct arm work, a DB only workout for the hotel you’re staying in, or an extra mobility routine is just an email away.

  • I make sure to include exercise tutorials for each workout so you can feel safe and confident performing every lift.

3. Nutrition Coaching Designed For Real Life 

  • Bad coaches try to fit you to their methods, while I fit my methods to you and your needs/preferences. Feedback, trust, and open communication is not only encouraged, but the foundation of our success together.

  • Whether you have 1 year of experience or 11 years of experience, I have a nutrition plan that will meet you where you are and fit to your goals. Not comfortable tracking calories and macros, but want to learn? I have a process for that. Don’t want to track and weigh your food, but want to focus on daily habits instead? You’ll love my habit tracker. Want specific macro targets and nutrient timing rec’s? I got you covered.

  • Prefer vegan, vegetarian, keto, intermittent fasting, Paleo, IIFYM, whatever? That’s fine, I’m not married to any approach except the one that works best for you. I’ll provide my honest opinion, but which approach you want is up to you.

  • My nutrition coaching really shines when my clients still want a social life while dieting⏤alcohol, dinners with friends, Sunday brunch, and take-out will never be off limits while we work together.

  • During your weekly email check-in, we’ll see how you did the week prior, answer any questions or concerns you have, then make a game plan for the upcoming week. This is where the real growth happens. Think of this as Monday morning quarterbacking to set you up for success, and I’m your Tom Brady.

4. Complete Individualization

  • There’s a reason why I have people apply to work with me ⏤ I only work with people I know I can help, and the application is the first filter.

  • After we agree we’re a fit, you’ll receive a Client Analysis to go over your training and nutrition history, any injuries we have to work around, exercises you love or hate, what habits we need to work on, and much more. I’ll use that to make your initial plan so we can get hit the ground running and start stacking wins.

  • Then, throughout our entire coaching experience, we’ll be adapting your plans to your current lifestyle ⏤ vacations, weddings, birthdays, work events, or whenever “life” happens… I’ve dealt with it all. By the end of our time together, you’ll be confident navigating through just about anything while still reaching your fitness goals.

5. Client Education

  • You’ll receive your Getting Started Guide, Client Handbook, 80/20 Grocery List, and video walk-throughs within 24 hours of signing up so you have no doubts on what to do, starting from day one.

  • I don’t want clients to blindly listen to me, so with your weekly instructions I make sure to include WHY I’m having you do something (or not do something). I welcome feedback and questions on anything I ask you to do.

  • The sign of a great coach is when the coach is no longer needed ⏤ I don’t want my clients to need me forever, and education is the stepping stone for this. I know I’ve done my job when my clients say, “I think I’m ready to use what you’ve taught me and tackle this myself going forward!”

6. Client Handbook

This is your all-in-one resource to having an amazing coaching experience. It includes:

  • The 4 Keys to Success for my approaches to training and nutrition

  • Prehab/rehab/mobility and warm-up examples so you stay safe and enjoy your workouts pain-free (or rehab older nagging pains)

  • How to easily track your food and weight so we don’t waste any time together

  • My best tips on managing alcohol intake, stress, and sleep so they don’t interfere with your progress.

  • Detailed templates of FULL days of eating for both fat loss and muscle building.

7. Goal-Specific Supplementation

  • Science-backed supplement recommendations to fill in the gaps and deficiencies of your diet plan.

  • Specific formulas to help increase power, improve sleep, sex drive, focus, overall health/well-being, whatever you can think of.

8. Exclusive Client-Only Content

  • You’ll gain access to my client-only Instagram page where I post content I don’t post anywhere else.

  • You’ll become a member of my brand new 1:1 Coaching Course that goes in-depth on everything you’ll need to make your transformation as easy as possible and maximize lasting results.

9. Results That Don’t Disappear

  • My coaching is results-driven and 100% guaranteed if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. What you get out of this is based on what you put in. And luckily with my program, superhero-like results don’t require superhero-like willpower.

  • There’s a reason why meal plans, fad diets, or cleanses/detoxes only work in the short-term. Your life doesn’t fit neatly into a rigid box of constraints, so your fitness plan shouldn’t either.

  • If you want to prove you can follow directions, you should buy a random meal plan or workout routine off the internet. If you want to learn how to master your health and fitness for life, you should invest in a coach who invests in you.

10. Friendship For Life

  • We build a genuine relationship starting on day one, focused on the sole goal of making you happy and healthier.

  • We’ll handle your fitness struggles, but don’t be surprised if we have some deep talks about relationships, work, family, and more.

  • There are very few clients I’ve coached that I couldn’t see myself grabbing a drink with.

  • To keep coaching quality high and give you the individual attention you deserve, I limit the total amount of clients I work with.

How The Coaching Experience Looks

The coaching process is simple:

You fill out an application and we have an email consult to determine if we’re a good fit. I only work with people I can help, so this is the filter to make sure we maximize our success together.


If we both agree we’re a fit, I’ll send you a payment link to begin! After payment, you’ll get an email from me within 24 hours with your Google Drive folder containing your Getting Started Guide with specific next steps.


You’ll receive your initial workout and nutrition plan within 7 days of payment (typically shorter) that are customized around your schedule, preferences, and goals.


You’ll update me once a week via email (no phone calls needed) with progress data and a few feedback questions. Your job is to adhere to the plan that we’ve agreed on. My job is to help you do that and tweak things if necessary to stay on target.


We will do this for a minimum of 90 days. And you’ll dominate life, with me cheering you on every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

💭 How much does coaching cost?

You won’t see pricing on this page because the price will vary depending on your goals, needs, time commitment, etc. That said, my coaching packages typically start at $300/mo.

For comparison, the cost of an in-person trainer is about $50 per workout. With three workouts a week for a month, you’re looking at $600/mo. If you ALSO want to see a Registered Dietitian for a nutrition consultation, that could be $100-200 per consultation.

Seeing as how I am both a trainer and a Registered Dietitian, with almost a decade of experience and plenty of results to show for it, I am confident my pricing is fair. I completely understand if I’m not in your budget, however I do not negotiate on price.

💭 Do you offer workouts or nutrition only coaching?

Absolutely. While I recommend handing me the reins over on both your diet and exercise for best results, I’ve still had people make stellar progress with me controlling one or the other. I have an option to choose in the client application form.

💭 What’s different about your coaching?

You get me.

There are thousands of other coaches, courses, blogs, podcasts, and influencers that could help you with your fitness goals, but you’re considering hiring me….


(That’s your answer.)

💭 Do I need to live in the US?

Nope. I’ve worked with people from Australia, Japan, England, Indonesia, Philippines, Canada, all over. As long as you have Wi-Fi, you can apply.

💭 Can you work around injuries, or exercises I don’t like?

As long as it’s no major injury, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. That said, I’m not a doctor, physical therapist, or physiotherapist, so don’t expect me to “fix you.”

And as for exercises you don’t like, I’m sure we can find a substitute. Many people come to me not wanting to do barbell squats or deadlifts, and that’s fine. Exercises are only tools in a toolbox to achieve the result we want. There’s plenty of other tools we can use.

💭 Will I have to follow a meal plan? And can I have alcohol or eat out while on this plan?

Meal plans: no. Meal plans don’t teach people how to manage their nutrition, they just prove you can follow directions. This is a coaching program, and meal plans aren’t conducive to teaching you how to eat according to your goals—especially when life gets hectic—so I’m not a fan.

That said, I do provide meal templates and specific meal ideas clients can use. And I’m always happy to brainstorm with a client if this becomes an issue.

Alcohol and eating out: absolutely. Most of my clients do this regularly and still get phenomenal results. “Lifestyle nutrition coaching” is my specialty.

💭 How long does coaching last?

My minimum requirement is 12 weeks. Anything less than that and people don’t take it as seriously, or they don’t stick around long enough to see results. Remember, we want lasting change, not a short-term fix.

Other than the minimum of 12 weeks, you can stay as long as you’d like. On average, clients stay around 7 months, but it’s not uncommon for me to work with someone for a year or longer. 

Coaching Testimonials

NOTE: Any testimonials can happily be verified upon request, just shoot me an email!