“Just tell me what I need to do.”


One of my favorite people, Derek Sivers, has a collection of directives on his site called “Do this.”

He compressed the knowledge he learned from 220+ books into succinct directives for people to apply immediately.

Examples include:

And more. Each one is carefully thought out and revised, but only a few sentences long.

This inspired me to make my own list of directives — fitness directives. To communicate my limited fitness wisdom into short, actionable advice without the fluff.

I don’t plan on listing tons of references, so I may get some slack for not supporting my ideas, but that’s what the rest of my articles are for.

And besides, I’m not doing this to prove to the world I’m “right.” I’m doing it to be useful, even for just one person.

I hope that person is you, so lemme know what you think —> fitness directives.

Thanks Derek. ?