9am To 10am


Every morning, I wake up and sit at this desk from 9am to 4:30pm.  

I get started on “work” work around 10am.

But the work part isn’t what matters.

What matters is from 9am to 10am. 

During this time, I sit, and read, and think. 

Before your eyes glaze over, don’t worry, I’m not gonna be too much of a 25-year-old millennial and tell you how crucial it is to have some 14-step, non-practical morning routine. 

But I am gonna recommend you find some time of your day to sit, and breathe, and think. Self-examine what you’re doing and about to do. Could be 5 minutes, could be 50 minutes. 

Instead of getting the thinking process going myself, I like to read something to start churning the rusty wheels inside my head (or to quiet the Formula 1 racer). 

For you, I hope it sometimes comes from reading this blog or my weekly emails

Other people serve this purpose for me, so I feel the best thing I can do is return the favor to someone else. 

Everyone is constantly buzzing with things they need to be doing each day without taking a step back to realize if those things are even worth doing. 

Maybe they are, or maybe they aren’t. 

But I can promise if you sit, and breathe, and think, for even just a few minutes a day ⏤ you’ll get a little bit closer to figuring it out.

Start with this.

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