The Perfect Day


Have you ever thought about what your day would look like if everything went perfectly?

You checked all the boxes:

  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual
  • Health (mental & physical)
  • Laughing at memes from friends

You worked hard, you played hard, you kept every promise to yourself, and you felt 100% satisfied when you laid your head on your pillow that night.

How much better would your life be?

Let’s have some fun and walk through it.

(Note: obviously, your experience may vary.)

Imagine a different type of Friday morning…

You naturally wake up without an alarm around 7am. The sun’s shining and it’s quiet, with the faint sound of birds chirping out the window.

There’s a furry friend at the foot of your bed and your partner lying next to you, both sound asleep. Without waking them, you slip out of bed and turn on a hot shower.

Once you’re done, you get dressed and brew a pot of coffee. While you wait, and since your phone is still on airplane mode, you knock out a 10-minute meditation session as the smell of a fresh roast coats the room. After that, you sip on your coffee as you whip up a mixed veggie omelette, a couple pieces of whole wheat toast (with a generous slab of butter, mind you), and a bowl of fresh strawberries. You made extra, of course, because you knew your partner would be awake any minu⏤oh, and there they are. They greet you with a kiss, you hand them their coffee, and the furry friend rubs against your leg as you scratch its head. Right on time.

After some chatting, reading, and texting memes in your friend group chat, you head to work (or home office) around 9am to kick off your day. 

Once settled, you review your schedule⏤the schedule you prepared the night before⏤and check email for the first time around 9:30. You answer anything urgent, then save the rest for when you check email once more post-lunch. Now it’s time to put your phone back on airplane mode, and knock out your highest priorities of the work day. You work in 90-minute distraction-free sprints, with 20-minute break intervals to do a quick mobility/stretching circuit.

Just like that, it’s 12:30 and time for lunch.

Catching you off guard, you discover your boss ordered pizza for the whole team. But you also know you have plans later to eat out with friends at that new steakhouse. No worries though, you pull out your phone to quickly check your daily calorie goal (that your fitness coach recommended for your fat loss phase) and decide the pizza isn’t worth it. So you make the firm decision that you’d rather eat what you brought for lunch⏤a turkey and veggie wrap with baked chips, fruit, and a diet coke⏤so you can budget some calories for later tonight. You commit to your choice and brush off any remarks about not eating pizza. You have priorities, and you don’t cave to peer pressure like a teenager. Plus, you feel light and focused at 3pm while everyone else looks like a zombie.

It’s 5:30 now and after checking off your last priority for the day, work is over. The weekend is here. But first: gym.

You know you’re meeting your friends at the steakhouse around 7:30, so you brought your gym clothes with you to work, along with a protein bar to keep hunger at bay until dinner.

Once arriving at the gym, you pull out your phone to review your new workout plan that your coach sent earlier in the week. And nice – he added another core workout, just like you requested. There’s also a fun looking upper body exercise. “You said you wanted to kick it up a notch. Enjoy,” he writes. Fired up, you pop your headphones in, turn on your workout playlist, and spend the next hour moving, sweating, and breaking personal records.

After a great workout, you head home to shower and get dressed for dinner. The restaurant is close by, so there’s no rush. As you’re getting ready, your partner⏤who’s fully dressed and looks ravishing⏤turns on some music in the living room, then hands you a glass of wine to kick off the night. You toast, “Cheers!”

Arriving at the steakhouse right before 7:30, you’re greeted with open arms by your friends (yes, hugs/handshakes are allowed AND no masks!). 

After being seated at your (requested) corner table with pre-filled glasses of cold water, you order a bottle of Cabernet, a Diet Coke (the “Trifecta”), and scan for delicious apps without thinking twice. Even though you know you don’t need to “earn” your food, it feels good enjoying this entire meal guilt-free because of the choices you made earlier in the day. “Filet mignon, medium, potato gratin, and house salad. Ranch on the side, thank you.” Nothing crazy, but definitely nothing restrictive either. 

The rest of dinner is spent laughing, telling stories, and enjoying a gluttonous meal, finishing with a creme brûlée for dessert. (Might’ve gone over the calorie goal by just a touch, but you know you’ll be back on track tomorrow morning, so you don’t stress.)

9:30pm rolls around, dinner is over, and now you’re back home.

As soon as you open the door, you’re greeted by your furry friend who’s been eagerly waiting your arrival. You give them some lovin’s, then get into your cozy clothes to end the night with a couple episodes of your favorite Netflix series with your partner in bed.

Your belly is full. Your heart is whole. And as you lay your head on your pillow, you can fill it in your bones: life is good.

I can honestly say this has been one of the most fun things I’ve ever written. Probably because I wrote it as a reminder to myself, but I hope you enjoyed it just as much.

While this can read like a fantasy, it doesn’t have to be.

Take this time to make a small commitment to yourself to figure out what a “perfect day” looks like to you. How you can take one step closer to getting there? (Leave me a comment below.)

Appreciate you reading and enjoy your day.


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