Avoid The Shallow Life At All Costs


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…thinks short-term instead of long-term.

…treats people as a means to an end.

…is afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

…eats like a child and doesn’t nourish their body.

…views money as taboo, and something only available to the “1%.”

…mindlessly gives in to passive distractions all day long, sacrificing their potential one scroll at a time.

…uses the words “if only…” and “it’s not my fault” and “must be nice” and “easy for you to say.”

…thinks they are entitled to living a good life without earning it.

…doesn’t make eye contact, stand up straight, or give firm handshakes.

…is a puppet to their emotions, reacts impulsively, and thinks they have no control over how they feel.

…doesn’t move their body, doesn’t lift against resistance, and chalks up their poor health to genetics, getting older, or lack of time.

…doesn’t invest money for their future or into themselves.

…is afraid to challenge their closest beliefs, despite having contradicting evidence.

…is constantly busy, but rarely productive.

…doesn’t put in the work to curate romantic relationships and have great sex.

…repeatedly makes up excuses to stay home, despite being invited to events with close friends.

…takes loved ones for granted.

…has tons of problems, yet fails or refuses to take responsibility for them.

will scoff at someone living a Deep Life, but secretly wish they were them.

The shallow life is everything the Deep Life isn’t. The Deep Life is everything the shallow life wishes it were.

Practice this today: What will you become if you don’t start living deeply? Will you lose money? Will your partner leave you? Will you become an alcoholic or drug abuser? Will your family be disappointed? This is an exercise to think of the worst possible scenarios, write them out, and use it as motivation to push you forward towards your highest potential.


PS: this is an excerpt from a book/product/thing I’ve been working on lately that may or may not be published in the future called The Deep Life Project. Would you be interested in hearing more about this? Leave a comment and let me know.

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