The New Wave Of Fitness: The Genesis Of Mattmcleod.Org


There are currently 471 million+ blogs on the Internet.

And according to, there are 1.7 BILLION+ websites, and that number has already climbed several hundred by the time I’ve finished writing this sentence.

So, naturally, this begs two questions:

1. Who am I to have the audacity to add another site to this list?

2. Why the fuck should you care?

Let’s break each one down.


It’s a valid question and I don’t know if I have a solid answer, to be honest.

Maybe I’m naïve, narcissistic, and like hearing myself talk.

Or maybe I’m charismatic, creative, and think I have something to add to the colossal conversation that is “The Internet.”

It’s probably a bit of both, but it’s mostly the latter of the latter.

I wanted to create a site that I’ve always hoped to find, so it’s useful to other people who think like me ⏤ who think like us.

See, was my old site. It was my first site ever and I made it back in 2015. Besides the insanely boring name, I just wanted something… better.

Better for me, better for you, and better for the community of people who live like we do.

Thus, here we are in 2019 and is born.

Which brings me to question #2.


Plot twist: you shouldn’t.


I mean, seriously, why should you?

If you’d exit out right now and never read anything else I ever put out, I wouldn’t blame you.

Still here?

Yeah? Cool, let’s get to the point then.

The only reason you should continue reading is the same reason you should continue doing anything ⏤ you find it valuable.

And that’s my commitment to you from here on out: to be so valuable to you that you keep coming back for more. Quite simply, I want it to be useful.

I’m here to serve you and make your life better through entertainment, information, inspiration, or all of the above.

But let’s not get it twisted. At the end of the day, I know I’m just a coach. I won’t be gunning for Tony Robbins’ job anytime soon, promise.

I do, however, think there’s a disconnect in the fitness industry.

This is how I see it:

When you follow fitness influencers on social media or read any type of health magazine, it seems like if you don’t eat, breathe, and shit fitness, you’ll never get the dream body you’ve yearned for.

But, for people besides elite bodybuilders, I think this is a backwards way of thinking about it.

Since you’re reading this, I think it’s safe to assume people like you and I have other priorities besides being in the gym 2.5 hours a day ⏤ finding a fulfilling career, marrying the love of our life, raising children, traveling the world, buying a sick house, and/or working towards something bigger than ourselves.

This doesn’t mean fitness isn’t a high priority or that we don’t care about our health, it just means we practice fitness essentialism: we want to do less, but better, so we can focus on everything else life has to offer us.

This is what I’ve coined as The New Wave approach to fitness and it looks more like this:

I’ve worked with hundreds of people and they’ve shown some interesting correlations that align with our beliefs. They all have big ambitions in life and want to live up to their fullest potential, but fitness may be that missing piece they’re still trying to conquer and refine.

People like you and I believe that reaching our fitness goals identifies what type of person we are. It shows we’re making progress and growing as a whole; better than we were yesterday.

Improvement, no matter how small or in what area, is the real root to our happiness.

So, yeah, I think it’s pretty badass that there’s people like us out there trailblazing into new territory that no other “fitness pro” is willing to explore.

Why can’t we set a new standard that excels in all parts of life, not just fitness?

Why can’t we simply use fitness to enhance our life, instead of be our life?

Well, these are the type of questions I’m here to try and answer.

And I couldn’t be more stoked to potentially have you join me, so we can figure this shit out together.

Which brings me to my last question…

…you in?

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